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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tyler Watters may help disposed of Chris George and Tracy Ocasio

Bones may help solve a 2-year-old mystery in Orange County the bones are to Chris George And Tracy Ocasio. This blog is the first to report about the skull that was found at the Crime Scene

. I found out through two deputies that where talking with eachother from about five feet from me. The have found numorous of items that could point that some eles could of help disposed. Chris George and Helped dump Tracy Ocasio Body on over 30 acres of land that is near a pond. The finding is possible papers and id and clothing that belongs to Tyler Watters . He was at the Crime Sceen with James Hataway numerous times with James Hataway. Tyler has refused to talk police and he been arrested for drug trafficking. James and Tyler have both help eachother out before James helped Tyler get rid of drugs . Tyler also help dump stuff out of the car of James Hataway at the Crime Scene where possible that was two bodies of Chris George and Tracy Ocasio.

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