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Thursday, February 24, 2011

A skull and many bones have been found

Friday, February 25, 2011
Tyler Watters may have helped Chris George dispose of Tracy Ocasio's
bones, which may have helped solve a 2-year-old mystery in Orange County. This blog is a first report about the skull that was found at the Crime Scene.

I discovered this when I overheard two deputies conversing with each other about this matter, standing about five feet away from me. They had found numerous items that pointed out someone else could have helped with the disposition. James Hataway and a helper dumped Chris George and mabe even Tracy Ocasio's body on over 30 acres of land that is near a pond. They possibly found various papers,jewerly, ids and articles of clothing that belong to Chris George .Tyler Watters was there at the crime scene numerous times with James Hataway. Tyler has refused to talk to police and has been arrested for drug trafficking. James and Tyler both have helped each other out before in other types of crimes. James helped Tyler get rid of drugs. Tyler also helped dump stuff out of the car of James Hataway at the crime scene indicating, possibly, that it was the bodies of Chris George and Tracy Ocasio.

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