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Friday, November 18, 2011

What is the truth? Casey Anthony Come Out And Speak!

What the STATE OF FLORIDA DOES NOT want you to know?

To: ""
Sent: Thursday, September 29, 2011 9:59 AM

Jean, I am sending you the letters I (mailed U.S. Postal Serv.) to Lisabeth Fryer on September

16th 2011.Yesterday, at the 3:00 pm Hearing in Orlando...the Livestream camera kept rolling,

showing Jose Baez, Mason and Judge Perry into a heavy conversation.. after he called the Court in

recess on his way out the courtroom...

Then, Lisabeth Fryer ask Jose Baez a question and he responded negative with a head movement...

Cheyney Mason had already received my letter to the Clerk of the court via email on Sept

27th 2011.

Jose Baez keep trying to have Casey Anthony " mentally incapacitated" to PROTECT himself.

You will remember Judge Perry had 3 Court Expert Psychiatrist examine Casey before the

Trial....She has been in CONTROL from Day One....and Casey had not been administered

any medication before she saw that News Segment finding out " a bag of bones was found

suburbanly by Kronk's third attempt...Fully aware she had not kill her loving daugther...

The Sheriff action to record her re-action for the prosecution has Proof of Guilt, was a

blow below the belt ...creating unsubstantial evidence for the media...Nancy's gracefull

exposure of Tote Mom to build her ratings and create violence and hatred in Orlando...

But it was Sealed, because it was too obvious it was "Seditious".

Have a nice Day and God Bless Always.

Donia Marie

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Donia @@@
To: Cheyney Mason
Sent: Friday, September 16, 2011 9:56 PM
Subject: Fw :Letter to Lisabeth J Fryer...

Mr. Mason, you may want to read this letter.

Best Regards

Donia Marie

Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2011 11:55:52 -0400

Good morning Mr. Mason,

Tonight , 11 minutes past midnight, will mark Casey's release from the Orange County jail, door way 19. = 119 Freedom Day for Casey...
Normally, I would be inclined to beleive,that Mr. King , from Casey Point, Florida, was inspired to produce the Thriller ,in Casey Town, outside
the 9th District circuit Or_land_0 ....I've heard from the grapvines, Mr. King has been busy in Nova~Scotia , Canada filming a thriller
titled " Bags of bones "........Pierce Brosman did emphasized it was " Scary ".

Could it be connected with the Casey Marie Anthony bogus trial in Orlando, Florida ? I wish, hope and pray it will give it will freeze Florida bar codes.

I observed and studied Casey's fingerprinted personality since July 21st 2008, when CNN broadcasted the dissapearance of Caylee Marie Anthony,
June 15th 2008. Caylee's blown up picture is still in the trunk of my station wagon. Then , after I called " America Most Wanted " Mr. John Walsh,
was not interested, and on the same day, The Miami Bounty Girl , connected me with the Cobra (Florida Bounty Hunter, William E Staub) instead
of Leonard Padilla in California.

When Cobra got in trouble in Glades, I soon realised, the competion poked the sticks in the wheels tooling with money and media. But worst , was
to find out the law enforcement obstructed justice into a Federal Missing Child Search , in violation of it's 1990 Act , through misconduct in Office,
malfeasance and misfeasance in Office....extended to Orlando.....When Cobra called me, after reporting the Glades County Sheriff Deputy's misconduct
to a Lee County Sheriff Deputy at my residence , NFM, # 19....on August 20th 2008, telling me he had received a call , reminding him
HE was Obstructing Back Off if he did'nt want his license { revoked }....I can still hear him saying " Sorry mama, got to feed the kids " I could
not beleive the cobra was crawling under the rock....In a breath I asked, "What about Caylee , Cobra?" he just ended the conversation saying " I'm sorry"
and hang I remember the overwhelming reaction invading my whole body thinking this cannot be, what the hell is going on, this is
serious, why would lawmen obstuct justice , fully aware I had told the truth.

What would you have done Mr. Mason ? accepte the corruption and abandon this precious child not knowing if she was sold on the black market ?
......... Just the thought of grown men kidnapping children for sexual fantasy, sent chills down my spine visualizing Caylee's innocent smile in my mind.
I guess you understand Mr. Mason , why I could not crawl under any rock like the cobra did.

My rock was God , realising that it was a Blessing I had seen Casey, Caylee with the babysitter in this Moore Haven other than Heaven , God had sent
me { there } at the right time and right place to give a Voice to his Child ...Lost in the Ever Glades of Sinners given that the TRIO were last seen at the
Baptist Church doorstep....where one of the volunteer had previously used a mafia term, telling me..." You don't bite the hand that feed you " &%$#@?

In 3 days, it will be 3 years and 3 months I saw Caylee Marie Anthony with her mother Casey Marie Anthony accross the Moore Haven bridge....

Today, the Present, the Now....Judge Perry said that Casey Anthony should payback $97K .....because she Lied to LEO , Grand Jury indictment.
Some are inclined to beleive LEO stands for Law Enforcement Officer....But the LEO really stands for LEO nard Padilla whom is the CALIFORNICATION
and the Short Circuit whom bailed Casey Anthony and posted a $500,200.00 Bond. Whom sided with George Anthony whom was interrogated by the Grand
jury...whom Sealed the evidence it had used to charge Casey of Capital murder in October 2008....then then then , throw Roy Kronk in the picture , whom took
a picture of a snake , visualized 3 scenarios of a " bag of bones" alledging they were Caylee's remains by Nancy Grace on December 11th 2008....conveniently ,
practically and Spiritually near her HOME...Hope$pring Drive...directed by the Devil's anchor....

Then, the Californication Expert...Dr. Phil pre~tended his financialand moral support....for a DEAD Caylee Fund Pension to Grandpa and Grandma in the
Hope $pring Drive for MISSING CHILDREN's Hope Chest ...while in the same BREATH...the EXPERT's refuse to FEEL the other side of the MEDAL .....
.has if Casey is In_Visible .......into the Deal by keeping Silent because Chief Judge Belvin Perry found Casey guilty of 4 counts...lying to ....LEO ....

This is where I come in the big picture Mr. Mason....and I am awaiting the 5th DCA 's decision if they will agree with Judge Perry's evaluation...and Order
the " Indigent " to Payback $ 97K....which Cindy and George will provide for Casey...and compensate EquuSearch for their cooperation and I'm sure Cindy
will, arrange Casey's well being with monthly Charity donation to Casey through HER attorney....Case

I would not be surprise the Prosecution Mr. Jeff Ashton already had contact with the Californication Expert...Dr. Phil to promote his book and jacked the
Dr.Phil Show ratings....

I have no doubt , the Feds are having a Californication Field Day with this case awaiting the DCA's conclusions....anytime now, since Judge Perry did not
wait till the 22nd of September. He rendered his decision yesterday...September 15th and the DCA received my documentation on Monday September 12th.
3 days earlier. It's out of my hands and in God's Hands...where it has been all along Mr. Mason.

Mr. Mason you must be aware I called your law office on Tuesday September 13th,2011 and ask to talk to Lisabeth J. Fryer. I was very impress with
this young lady, has a brand New Florida Bar Member since April 15th 2011. Very intelligent, distinguished with a promissing Future has an Officer
of the Court....Just like I am persuaded...Casey Marie Anthony could accomplish ...having those FALSE charges dismissed....

Casey Marie Anthony and Lisabeth J. Fryer 's Future are in your hands right NOW Mr. Mason. and You can do it Sir. It would be a real shame for
Casey Anthony to hide behind her attorney because they are the weaky Link and in the same breath ruin Lisabeth's Dream of a promissing Future.
Tomorrow may very well be to late Mr.Mason... The case's californication in under the manifying glass as we speak....

We know the Who...the Why....the When.....and the With....the Where Caylee Marie Anthony landed....

I hope you will re~consider your position into this case...while reviewing ....the between the line chain of events we both experienced in the past 3 years,
and realise that combining your undisclosed information and adding it to my documents..we can project the HD version of the facts,
Casey will remember me when she looks at my Glades County Photo ID...that was recently issued on May 19th month to the day I saw her
with Caylee in Moore Haven June 19th 2008...

I will awaite your response Mr. Mason , you can call me at home, ************, I expect nothing more than your full cooperation to re~dress Justice
and give them 2 young women a bright Future...because right now THEY are ONE....while Dr.Phil 's birdies have a broken wing...How about giving
them a Hand ...Mr. Mason?

Respectfully Submitted

Donia Marie