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Lets Always Remeber Little Caylee Marie Anthony and get her Justice

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Caylee Marie Anthony Case

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Caylee Marie Anthony Your Justice is coming

Caylee You have waited a very long time for your Justice. The Trial is about to begin it has been close to three years since you first went missing. I remember the first time that I left my house to Drive and Go searching for you. I remember the first time I meet your Grandpaw and Cindy, it was when these horrible people where throwing rocks and yelling baby killer. Something came over me and ran up to Cindy and George to help
protect your grandparents. The Pain and Fear that I seen in the eyes for the first time was underscribable.
The First time I ran into Casey Anthony was at a Local Bar in Orlando four years ago. Orlando is really a small town when you live somewhere a long time everyone knows everbody and we all just like to have a good time with friends AND family. Caylee you touched my heart and the world's heart may you get justice that you deserve.