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Friday, April 8, 2011

What the State of FLorida does'nt want you to Know about the Casey Anthony Case

On April 6 ,2010 Dr Logan testify about Chemicals,False Positive and Negative,Odors,Fatty Acids,Chloroform,Compounds. Eight six compound's was missing from the report. Sixty one was not on the carpet, Children also have a different decp sign. The Errors and Fraud the crime Lab comes into question has lack of control evidence. Casey Anthony 6th Amendment's rights where violated the secret science the ORNl has refused to turn over the Chromatograms. On all Human Decompistion there was over nine different studies and they all disagree.The Orange County Sheriff Office and the FBI waited over six weeks to do air trunk study. The examination of the air samples from trunk carpet using generally accepted methods.Methodology is generally accepted protocol's that are not followed. Even a soda can can give a false reading.There was no FLOUIRIDE in the air study.Vass will not tell the public about his chemicals that he could have possibly plant in the Casey Anthony Case.Dr Vass is not a chemist and talk about his theories.
Baez said the team has not sued the FBI yet does not have the money yet to do that. FBI agent Nick Savage has leak out some photos and info to a woman that works Leonard Padilla. I just want everyone to think for a moment if this was your son or daughter life on the line. What would you do if you know there is no way that they could kill there own child?
If it was a accident and Caylee Marie Anthony Drowned in the pool and Casey Panic.Casey could have been busy texting or the computer for a minute a little Caylee could of slept away for just only two Seconds and drowned in the pool.That's what I have always thought from the beginning and feel in my heart that is what really happen to sweet little Caylee. But who placed the body there Casey was in jail than she got out. Back in October there was unusual smell in the wood on Suburban Drive that my team and Could of not find the source to the smell. Im am thankful that I did not run across little Caylee bones and skull. That would forever be in my head for the rest of my life. Roy Kronk ex girlfriend is guard at the OCJ and possible got some info of where little Caylee was to be found. SO she told Roy AND Dominick Casey Got hold of some info from a inside source where caylee was placed. He knew where she was and was directed not call the police.
In Florida Court room it says Equal Justice for All, But what is Justice when Sgt Allen, Nick Savage has lied and covered up Evidence and Possible plant some in this case. Most of the Deputy's and the FBI are honest,sincere,trustworthy,professional. But there are some bad apples where ever you go. Just because they are MR law they think they are above the law. As my Father has once started out as local cop 32 years ago he is now very high up in Government Agency. My Father is true hero to me he has protect and served his Country and he would Die for America and loves the USA. I do respect the law but not rats as* cops that fabricated evidence. Sometimes the truth hurts!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Check Back Tommorow about Casey Anthony Case

Sorry Keep having computer issues, will have full report tommorow on the Casey Anthony Case. Please check back

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Full report on the Casey Anthony Case On Thursday

Will have a full report on Thursday about the Casey Anthony Case, Please check back at that time Thank You.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What's the real evidence in the Casey Anthony Case

Over the past couple of years we have heard stories regarding evidence ranging from chemical impounds to alien abduction's. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks we will finally get to what the law consider culpable evidence. Unfortunately what is common sense to us get confused in the court of law.
My hope is that all though some of the evidence is obviously against Casey
that people would take into consideration all the evidence and make a Just decision.I'm sure if you are like me you have been accused of something by rumors or hearsay that was not the total truth,and after all of the facts came out you where finally exonerated.
It's hard to imagine a parent/mom having the ability to take the life of there only child. As a mom who loves her children dearly and has been involved in this case since the beginning,I often try to comprehend the thoughts that must have been going with Casey Anthony. My thoughts and prayers are that what ever the truth is ,that in the end Caylee Marie Anthony will get her justice serve.

Curtis Jackson Does another Hoax, A man in Baraga Maximum Correctional Facility

Curtis Jackson, a 35-year-old inmate at the Baraga Maximum Correctional Facility, made the filing using handwritten notes.

All filings in court cases become part of the public record.

According to prison records, Jackson was sentenced for several offenses, including assault with intent to rob while armed and bribery of a public officer.

just a hoax from a man in jail filed by Curtis Jackson asking Jose Baez removed from the Case.

The Caylee Marie Case Blog was the first Blog to Report this
Published : Tuesday, 05 Apr 2011, 9:19 AM EDT

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) - A man in prison in Michigan filed a motion with the Orange County Clerk of Courts late Monday asking for Casey Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez to be removed from the case. The hand written motion was filed by Curtis Jackson is not considered a legal document.

Click here to view the letter

Jackson’s hand written note was filed with the clerk’s office late Monday. The Orange County Court issued the following statement regarding the filing:

“To clarify, the Clerk filed a Motion in this case labeled “Defendant’s Motion for Withdrawal of Appointed Counsel” along with a brief and affidavit. They are filed by an inmate in Michigan allegedly on Ms. Anthony’s behalf. It is obviously filed by someone not connected to the case. I do not know the Clerk's policy on filing documents such as this. The Court did not receive a courtesy copy.”

Anthony, 25, is charged with first-degree murder in the 2008 death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Marie. She has pleaded not guilty, claiming a babysitter kidnapped her toddler. Caylee was last seen in June of 2008, but she was not reported missing until a month later. Her remains were found in woods near the family's home in December 2008.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Another Lawyer is out on the Casey Anthony Case

A lawyer is out on the Casey Anthony Case. Its one of these two Lawyers.
Will update in the AM about this

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Judge Rocks his Room and shows who runs the show

It was no April fool day in Judge Perry Court Room Today. The Judge Knows how to run the show it's his way or you way pay big bucks. So Cindy testify about spraying a whole bottle of febreze in the car and it was the worst smell or her life. Cindy also found Caylee doll and a purse in her trunk Miss Mcbribe testtify that she testify about the garbage that she removed from the trunk and the smell. But the garbage did'nt have strong unsually order. Dr Furton is Professor in chemistry and biochemistry. I really enjoyed his testimony today. His testiomny was about compounds,chloroform,soil samples,fatty acids,chemical impounds. So basically the FBi could have botched this case.
From my personal esperince with Sgt Allen and other deputys from this case is that. Sgt Allen is not very profesional at all, he is very rude for one.
The pictures and video that I took of my search where the body was evently found. I told Sgt Allen on Dec 11,2008 that I have more photos and Video of that area, please come and get them asap. So I got ahold of baez team and told him these facts he send out a PI to my house,than we went to the crime scene. I gave them the photos and a video from the crime scene the took them and it proves that the pictures was from the crime scene. All the dates that I said I search the spot where verfifed by the defense was by computer anaylis. When I took my computer into bestbuy I did'nt ask for anything to be deleted. I just said I had a bad virus and please clean my files. So my Photos that I gave to Sgt Allen two photos where distroyed and a video from the spot where Caylee was found was also missing was the video. What Sgt Allen didnt know I had other pictures/video stored on a cd. I also recoverd the picturees that ORANGE county sheriff dept had deleted from my computer. So the dept did that to me I could only imagine what they did wrong in the Casey Anthony case. Very soon time will tell and all the lies that was told.Someday we all have to answer to the almighty Judge above.

Here is how to make Chloroform

things you'll need:
shock powder (must be calcium hypochlorite) this chemical is used for chlorinating swimming pools. It is also know as bleaching powder and can be purchased even at wal-mart
a pitcher which can be disposed of after use or put away for safety

Pour water into the pitcher and dissolve the shock powder into it with stirring. Make certain that you dissolve the entire amount of hypochlorite so that less byproduct might be transferred into the final product.

Add a few pieces of ice and begin pouring the acetone in and continue stirring. stir continuously but without extreme sped. Remember it is important to thoroughly mix the ingredients without having a mess on your hands.

The mixture will begin a chemical reaction that increases temperature. The chloroform may accidentally be distilled off during this reaction if you do not keep the water below 140 degrees. Just around 135 is ideal.

The three layers that can be seen after the reaction is complete is; top: unreacted acetone, middle: water and any remaining ice, bottom: chloroform. Use a separatory funnel to remove the chloroform.

So I put this to show you it's not all that hard to do

hataway found guilty

James Hataway found guilty.

Its going to be a long day for the casey hearing today

Baez was here this am I started right on the dot at 9:00 am.
The first witness was ,she went through the garbage and drove casey car with George Anthony inside the car. put all the garbage in a large paper bag an to it to the CS went to the back door of the forensic unit and they open the gate to the bay.
Baez: Did the trash smell?

Mcribe :yes
Baez: How big is the room that you are in?
mcribe's not a room it's a bay.
When it is process how far where you from the trash?
: I was a about 8-10 feet away.
Baez:Can I show you photo's?
Judge Perry: Yes, you may.
Baez:A2 In this photos is that the garbage in the bag?
Baez: Is this maggots in the bag.
Baez: no futher questions,at this time.
Mr Ashton:When was the vechile brought in did it have any strong unsuall ordor?
Baez: Is this garabage or a soda can?
:some garbage and a sode can.
it just really stunk really bad.
Baez: Do you know how long the garbage was in there?
:No, I put all the stuff in the trunk of my car.
baez:How lonh was this in your trunk?
:30 or 40 mins,from the orange county sheriff office.
Baez: Was it there overnight?
: yes
ok, lets call cindy anthony to the stand.
Baez: July 15,2008 did you recall when George Anhtony Arrived home?
Cindy: yes, he pulled in the garage-we open all the doors in the car.
They was a strong odor in the car.
I found a purse and Caylee doll in the car. Part2 later on about compounds and my view of the hearing.