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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Casey Anthony Surviving an assassination attempt

Casey Anthony is lucky to be alive after allegedly surviving an assassination attempt at her Florida safe house.
Casey's 'panic-stricken' bodyguards had to pull her out of the firing line and whisk her to an emergency hideout in the middle of the night before an assassin 'put a bullet through her brain', The National Enquirer reported.
Casey, who has been dubbed America's most-hated mom, has been in hiding since she was released from jail following a shock not guilty plea at the murder trial of her daughter Caylee on July 5.

Despite efforts by her crack security team to protect her, a hit man allegedly located her hideout and stuck a death warrant to her door saying: 'I know where you are, I'm coming to put a bullet through your brain.'
The Enquirer said it was eerily similar to an email threat the 25-year-old's bodyguards previously received saying: 'I want her dead! if she knew where she was I would do it myself!'

The threatening message - which was allegedly pinned to the door - was said to 'set off a complete panic' and the security team had to assume that Casey's head would be blown off the moment she stepped outside the house.
The Lifetime cable network is developing a possible TV movie about the sensational murder trial of Casey Anthony.

Fox Television Studios optioned the film and television rights to the book Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony, written by retired prosecutor Jeff Ashton.

It's not known when the project, which is said to be in the early stages, will air. Variety reports that Lifetime has not greenlit the film yet.

In the book, Ashton takes jabs at Anthony's defense lawyers and jurors, calling lead defense attorney Jose Baez 'smarmy' and displaying an unflattering view of the jurors.

According to People, the film would tell the story from the prosecution's point of view, detailing the three years Ashton and his team spent preparing and prosecuting the Florida mother.
A source told the Enquirer: 'There are plenty of people who want to kill Casey because they believe she got away with murdering little Caylee.
'Her bodyguards rushed her off in the middle of the night to another safe house a prearranged safe hideout that was available in the event of such an emergency.'
The insider said decoy vehicles were also used so the 'killer' would not know which one Casey was in, as they are said to realise how determined Casey's enemies are to kill her and had to take every precaution.
'The fact she is still hidden and still alive is testimony to just how good her team of bodyguards are. They're the best, but it was a very close call.'
Because of the terms of her probation for cheque fraud, Casey must stay in Florida for one year and report every month to a probation officer.
This is not the first time her security team have moved her. According to the Enquirer, she was first hidden on St George Island off the coast of northwest Florida before allegedly being moved to a rural location near Gainsville and a condo in New Smyrna Beach.