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Caylee Marie Anthony Case

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sheriff Brian Hieatt Tazewell VA, VA State Police investigating a shooting incident Tuesday.

Today I was at the Sheriff Office at 11am to Speak with the Sheriff Brian L Hieatt I was told there was a shooting that occurred this morning. Brian Hieatt has a daughter a minor, no name is being released to protect her id. The scum bag try to hurt his daughter, Brian Hieatt went to his home to defend for his life and his daughter life. Sheriff Hieatt was elected in 2012 he has only been our sheriff for a little over two months. He had ever right to defend for his child !

The State Police of VA is now looking to see if Brian Hieatt claims are correct and true. The Scum Bag is now in Tazewell Hosptial taken to ICU at 4:45 PM today. His face was covered in blood and bruise where from head to toe. It is being said over 5 deputy's beat the man intill one of them shout the scum BAG! Why is he still breathing?

Sheriff Hieatt is a very nice and caring man. He had the right to do what was done to the SCUM BAG! I would of done the same thing if my daughter's or  my son was hurt! ( JMO)

I will be following this case very close and letting you know what happens, you can follow me on twitter at joyangels.

Little Info on the Sheriff.

Party: Democratic Party of Virginia

A local police chief has announced his resignation.
Chief Brian Hieatt with the Tazewell Town Police is calling it quits after heading-up the department for the past seven years.
Hieatt, however, will remain active in law enforcement and he won't have to travel too far for his new position.
Beginning on May 1st, Chief Hieatt will take a senior position with the Tazewell County Sheriffs Department. For Hieatt, the move will be a return back to a familiar place.

Justice For Sheriff Brian Hieatt.

Justice For Sheriff Brian Hieatt.