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Lets Always Remeber Little Caylee Marie Anthony and get her Justice

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Caylee Marie Anthony Case

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Friday, April 8, 2011

What the State of FLorida does'nt want you to Know about the Casey Anthony Case

On April 6 ,2010 Dr Logan testify about Chemicals,False Positive and Negative,Odors,Fatty Acids,Chloroform,Compounds. Eight six compound's was missing from the report. Sixty one was not on the carpet, Children also have a different decp sign. The Errors and Fraud the crime Lab comes into question has lack of control evidence. Casey Anthony 6th Amendment's rights where violated the secret science the ORNl has refused to turn over the Chromatograms. On all Human Decompistion there was over nine different studies and they all disagree.The Orange County Sheriff Office and the FBI waited over six weeks to do air trunk study. The examination of the air samples from trunk carpet using generally accepted methods.Methodology is generally accepted protocol's that are not followed. Even a soda can can give a false reading.There was no FLOUIRIDE in the air study.Vass will not tell the public about his chemicals that he could have possibly plant in the Casey Anthony Case.Dr Vass is not a chemist and talk about his theories.
Baez said the team has not sued the FBI yet does not have the money yet to do that. FBI agent Nick Savage has leak out some photos and info to a woman that works Leonard Padilla. I just want everyone to think for a moment if this was your son or daughter life on the line. What would you do if you know there is no way that they could kill there own child?
If it was a accident and Caylee Marie Anthony Drowned in the pool and Casey Panic.Casey could have been busy texting or the computer for a minute a little Caylee could of slept away for just only two Seconds and drowned in the pool.That's what I have always thought from the beginning and feel in my heart that is what really happen to sweet little Caylee. But who placed the body there Casey was in jail than she got out. Back in October there was unusual smell in the wood on Suburban Drive that my team and Could of not find the source to the smell. Im am thankful that I did not run across little Caylee bones and skull. That would forever be in my head for the rest of my life. Roy Kronk ex girlfriend is guard at the OCJ and possible got some info of where little Caylee was to be found. SO she told Roy AND Dominick Casey Got hold of some info from a inside source where caylee was placed. He knew where she was and was directed not call the police.
In Florida Court room it says Equal Justice for All, But what is Justice when Sgt Allen, Nick Savage has lied and covered up Evidence and Possible plant some in this case. Most of the Deputy's and the FBI are honest,sincere,trustworthy,professional. But there are some bad apples where ever you go. Just because they are MR law they think they are above the law. As my Father has once started out as local cop 32 years ago he is now very high up in Government Agency. My Father is true hero to me he has protect and served his Country and he would Die for America and loves the USA. I do respect the law but not rats as* cops that fabricated evidence. Sometimes the truth hurts!