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Monday, March 14, 2011

Could Caylee Have Drowned And Casey panic?

Posted: 12:22 pm EST March 11, 2011
Updated: 9:23 am EDT March 14, 2011

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- New documents were released in the case against Casey Anthony Friday. The documents reveal new information about one of Casey's friends who wore a wire for the FBI, during a conversation with her.

It's another bombshell dropped in the case against Casey, almost three years after it started.

DOCUMENTS: Examination Report | Lab Report
READ TRANSCRIPT: EquuSearch Volunteer
VIDEO REPORT: Documents Released In Casey Case

Mark Hawkins

Mark Hawkins told the FBI that Casey called him around the time that Caylee Anthony disappeared and said she was upset, that something had happened "a long time ago."

Hawkins also said that Casey had told her mother and brother about it and they were angry and frustrated, but she couldn't talk about it over the phone.

Casey and Hawkins met at Colonial High School and had remained close friends.

Hawkins told investigators that when Casey texted him, Caylee had been missing for 31 days. He said he called her and asked why she hadn't told anyone until then.

Hawkins also said Casey told him "she was worried for Caylee's safety and that she conducted her own investigation." Hawkins also said he got a text from her two months later, saying she missed him and wanted to see him.

So in October 2008, Hawkins, who worked with the U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service, or NCIS, agreed to come to Orlando, put on a wire and visit Casey.

The first time, he rode with Cindy to pick up Casey from attorney Jose Baez's office. The second time, when he wore the recording device, he visited with Casey at her house.

The documents also show when he asked Casey what she couldn't tell him over the phone, she said her brother Lee knew most of the story about what had happened to Caylee and she would tell him all about it "some day."

The NCIS report says Casey never made any admissions to Hawkins about Caylee's death or knowing where Caylee was.

Hawkins said he called her house and in the document he stated, "She had no idea where Caylee was. She said the last time she saw her was when she dropped her off at the babysitter's. Casey told me when she tried to call the babysitter's phone it was turned off."

Hawkins also told investigators when Casey would argue with her parents she would frequently go away for some time with Caylee.

The new documents also show defense experts question the validity of testing done on Casey's car trunk. Defense experts said the air tests that found chloroform and other compounds of human decomposition are experimental, and that bugs found in Casey's trunk could have been attracted by the trash. The defense said they are not proof Caylee's body was there.

During questioning, chief medical examiner doctor Gary Utz was asked if he found any trauma to Caylee's body to prove she was murdered.

He replied there wasn't, but that most of the body was gone by the time they discovered it. Utz also said he didn't find any toxic chemicals during the autopsy, like the chloroform found in the trunk of Casey's car.

Also Friday, WFTV obtained some of the evidence the defense has gathered and shared with prosecutors, showing there was no DNA found on the laundry bag and on Caylee's shorts, which were found with her remains.

In the documents, WFTV found a transcript of a phone interview with EquuSearch volunteer Linda Ann Davis, conducted by the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

Davis said she searched the heavily-wooded area behind the Anthony home on Suburban Drive. She was asked to describe the surroundings and who assisted in the search for Caylee Anthony.

Casey has pleaded not guilty in the death of her daughter. She goes to trial on May 9.

DNA Setback For Defense

The new evidence also revealed a setback in the defense team's effort to raise reasonable doubt.

DNA tests requested by Anthony's lawyers on a laundry bag and short that were found with Caylee's remains came back negative for any trace of male DNA.

Anthony's defense contends someone other than her placed the remains in the woods off of Suburban Drive.

Phony Calls?

Documents also reveal multiple search volunteers accused defense team investigators of trying to misrepresent themselves.

The volunteers claimed to have received a call from someone who told them he was calling from the Orange County Courthouse.

Detectives launched an investigation, but could not find probably cause that defense team investigators illegally impersonated law enforcement.

Evidence links from Friday’s release:
Orange County Sheriff's forensics report on Casey's computer.
E-mails that Yuri Melich and Anne Pham exchanged about the search for Caylee.
FBI's discovery of evidence log:
OCSO's evidence log:
New information in an NCIS document that reporter Bob Kealing will talk more about during the noon news show reveals that a "source" was used to meet with Casey while wearing a wire during the search for Caylee. Take a look at the doc here:
More evidence forms, plus e-mails between Yuri Melich and Tony Lazzaro about a book or notebook mentioned in the evidence logs.
Search forms from TES volunteer Julie Davis:
OCSO interview with Julie Davis:
OSCO investigates complaints about misrepresentation of private investigators:
OSCO says an inmate named Richard Duncan claimed to have information about Casey:
Defense Expert Report from Barry Logan
Defense Expert Report From Dr. Tim Huntington:
E-Mails Between Anne Pham, Cpl. Edwards:
Bug Data & Temps:
Defense Expert DNA Analysis Of Laundry Bag:
Forensic entomology investigation on lab report:
Subpoena for Mark NeJame:
OCSO's questions for searchers:


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