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Friday, April 1, 2011

Its going to be a long day for the casey hearing today

Baez was here this am I started right on the dot at 9:00 am.
The first witness was ,she went through the garbage and drove casey car with George Anthony inside the car. put all the garbage in a large paper bag an to it to the CS went to the back door of the forensic unit and they open the gate to the bay.
Baez: Did the trash smell?

Mcribe :yes
Baez: How big is the room that you are in?
mcribe's not a room it's a bay.
When it is process how far where you from the trash?
: I was a about 8-10 feet away.
Baez:Can I show you photo's?
Judge Perry: Yes, you may.
Baez:A2 In this photos is that the garbage in the bag?
Baez: Is this maggots in the bag.
Baez: no futher questions,at this time.
Mr Ashton:When was the vechile brought in did it have any strong unsuall ordor?
Baez: Is this garabage or a soda can?
:some garbage and a sode can.
it just really stunk really bad.
Baez: Do you know how long the garbage was in there?
:No, I put all the stuff in the trunk of my car.
baez:How lonh was this in your trunk?
:30 or 40 mins,from the orange county sheriff office.
Baez: Was it there overnight?
: yes
ok, lets call cindy anthony to the stand.
Baez: July 15,2008 did you recall when George Anhtony Arrived home?
Cindy: yes, he pulled in the garage-we open all the doors in the car.
They was a strong odor in the car.
I found a purse and Caylee doll in the car. Part2 later on about compounds and my view of the hearing.

1 comment:

  1. I loved that Blouse that you wearing the other day at the hearing. So what all did Cindy Anthony had to say when you where seating by her?