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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Human Skull Could have been Found

More bones were spotted Wednesday in a search for clues in Orange County in two missing person cases. Investigators began a third day of searching a lake near Apopka in Orange County on Wednesday morning. They Have Possible found a Human Skull in the search. The Remains are from two different people. One is alot smaller than the other one. This may Actually Believed to be the bones of Tracy Ocasio that has been missing for Two Years.The Searchers are having a hard time of finding the bones beacause of the muck and the water that is being drained in the pond. Some Searchers have had up to seven inches of muck that has slow them down. The bones will be identify later this week or early next week. Finally two Families can put the adult Children to rest and get Justice for the victims.


  1. Here are some more photo I took today.


    Here are some more pictures I took today