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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Patrica Young ohhh my

I would like to say something about this Patrica Young, The woman has no class at all! She and her nasty lover would stay and stalk the Anthony's for hours at their house. They would say awful things to they Anthony's. Like the night when she was harassing George Anthony I was there. I heard her in the back saying I want to kill Casey Anthony. So when she saw george pulled up she walked over their and started scearming baby killer the Anthony's support a baby killer. So Cindy came up in the yard and nailing no tresping signs in the yard. I came up to her and said , hi im Joy and I know Casey Anthony from Cowboys. I was helping doing a live search for Caylee and Equusearch. She said, Joy it's so nice to meet you Im glad not everyone out here screams like this, I laughed. When the yelling got more intense Cindy ask me to walk with her closer to George because this lady Patrica has been stalking them for days in front of the house and want go away.I said yes I will help... So when Patrica was yelling baby killer and stuff about god. I said; did god create Adam and eve or bill and Steve? That shut her up for only a few seconds. Than I told her she was not acting like a loving Christian should if you care about Caylee go help search for her. I told her I just searched over eight hours by a lake with a 7 foot alligator within 3 feet of me. She started to cuss me out. Than George Anthony has had enough of her BS! He warned her 4 times that night to get out of his yard and away from his car. She came at him with a sign and threat in to hit him. George Anthony defended for him self. The woman Patrica young is so insane and needs to get some help! I can't stand her voice and her attitude just sucks too!

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