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Monday, January 24, 2011

Police: Carolyn Miller
Babysitter Leads Cops To Deceased Infant

TITUSVILLE, Fla. -- A babysitter, who was reported missing along with a 7-month-old infant, has led Titusville police to the body of a baby who police believe is the missing child, officers said Monday.

Javeon Brushan was reported missing, along with his babysitter, 40-year-old Carolyn Renee Miller, on Sunday. Brushan's mother said he was last seen on Thursday, January 20. Police said that it is not uncommon for Miller to babysit the child for days at a time.

Based on interviews with Miller, detectives located a baby's body shortly after noon in the 500-block of S. Deleon Avenue (see map) . According to police, Miller told them the baby died in her care. Police said the baby was in a backyard of a home and found in a cooler.

Investigators would not say if there were any signs of trauma or how long the baby was there. The house does not belong to the babysitter or the mother.

Officers said they have not established a motive or cause of death and charges are pending.

Police said it is now an active homicide investigation. The FBI is no longer involved because no abduction occurred.

Miller is in police custody.

The mother was being questioned at the police station as well.

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