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Sunday, June 6, 2010

OCOEE -- There’s a possible major break in the search for missing Orange County woman Tracy Ocasio.

Cadaver search dogs picked up on a scent near a lake in Ocoee.

Ocasio's father told News 13 more than one dog detected something near Lake Bennett. That's right off state Road 50 in an area where much of the search for Ocasio has been concentrated in recent months.

The family says they wanted to focus on that area after a dog picked up a similar scent during a search earlier this year.

It's an area where the only suspect in the case, James Hataway, was known to frequent.

Volunteers are now asking Ocoee police and the Orange County Sheriff's Office to come out to the lake to do a more involved search.

Ocasio hasn't been seen in more than a year now.

Hataway remains in jail in an unrelated case involving an alleged attack on another woman.

When I first arrived at the search site I was greeted by a very pleasant Search and Rescue Team. I brought water and some fruit for the searches. One of the searchers led me to the cafeteria where there was alot of food and water. They can also need more water and food donations. They lady that was serving food offer me food and drinks but I said; no thanks. While I was talking to the lady in the cafeteria Mrs. Ocasio Showed up. I introduce myself as Joy and that I have been talking with Joe Ocasio on facebook for many months. She took me outside to meet him he gave me a big hug and told me thank you. Mr and Mrs. Ocaiso and I went back inside where we talk inside for over an hour. They are so grateful for all the searches,dogs,deputys that was searching for Tracy. They Told that two dogs picked up a scent by a lake. They where determine to find what James Hataway did with their Daughter. Mrs. Ocasio is not prepared if they find her this weekend. She wants to give her daughter peace and get her daughter Justice.


  1. Thanks for the story, I hope this family can get Tracy to R.I.P soon. Joy are you doing okay and your kids?

  2. what is going on with that case? When is the next hearing. I hope you will be able to go too it.